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The day you say "I do" is one of the most special and precious moment in your entire life, where every detail, every sound, every second of happiness, every moment that makes up your unique story is significant and lasts forever! It's the day Fairytale comes to life… Experience the most important day of your life with PhoVid.net Video Production!

PhoVid.net Video Production - Video is taken with 4K mirrorless cameras (4K or Full HD - see selected service), allowing you to shoot video with fine details or cinematic effects. We offer video filming with two cameras that allows capturing not only the chronology of events, but also captures your true feelings and emotions as well as those of your parents and guests. Video shooting from multiple angles, close-ups of key details, emotions on faces - these are the things that make a wedding movie more artistic, dynamic and beautiful!

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs?

What are the types of video camera used for filming?
Exclusively Sony

How many filmmakers are involved in the Wedding Filmmaking Process?
Typically: Two

Which camera stabilization systemis do you use?

How long does it typically take for a videographer to return the final product to the couple (client)?
Our contract states you will have your video within 90 calendar days from the end of the Wedding. This way you will get the best out of your editing. Of course, it can also depend on how busy we are, on the length of time that the wedding was filmed and if there was more than one camera being used. If it was for 12+ hours, there is lot of footage to go through and if you edit between two cameras, it can also take a bit longer.)

Why should you choose us?
We love our job because we work with happy people. We feel happy capturing their glittering eyes and smiles and realizing that we are creating an art that will last for decades and will mean the WHOLE WORLD to families, their parents and their children. We pay great attention to details and true emotions. We are living with you every moment, passing it through ourselves, trying to make every frame of our movie you love today, and would also love to watch it after 50 years - celebrating your Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary.

How you will be distributing and delivering your video to the couple (client)?
* Full HD - USB memory card up to 15 GB
* 4K - External HDD Portable up to 250 GB

Do you fly a drone?
We try our best to offer this service to you in the near future!

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